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Alice Arnold — Goldie, Timeless Marc Ballroom NYC November 1995

Alice Arnold — Goldie, Timeless Marc Ballroom NYC November 1995

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36 pages

printed in England
staple bound
14cm x 20cm

Sometimes experiences can transport you to a timeless state of consciousness, where an awareness of clock-time recedes and a feeling of living in the moment takes hold. Such was the night of the Goldie Timeless Rave in New York City, which I photographed on 17 November 1995. For a photographer, time is always something to be calculated and measured. With the click of the shutter a moment in time — someone’s lived experience — is imprinted within a fraction of a second. At the Goldie rave, the crowd’s euphoric energy and the invisible fragments of beats and rhythms, expressed through people’s evocative body movements and facial expressions, were captured and rendered timeless. In 1995 Drum and Bass was still a new form of music, having developed from early 1990s hardcore. It was just hitting the US and this event, which took place at the Marc Ballroom on Union Square West, played a significant part in its popularisation.

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