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Art Review Asia Spring 2024

Art Review Asia Spring 2024

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lurking in or moving through space, seem to aim to make the passage of time tangible. For Chia, the patterns in Wang’s work ‘resonate poignantly with the cycles of life and death’; they are a reminder that ‘despite constant change, there is steadfast companionship that remains resolute even through thick and thin, life and death; that something indefinable remains.’

American artist Glenn Ligon speaks to Jessica Laney about his first exhibition in Hong Kong, opening at Hauser & Wirth on 25 March. Often working with text and literary sources, Ligon’s paintings on paper and canvas deal with ideas of visibility and erasures in modern art. Here, he talks about being inspired by graffiti culture and the textures of Chinese rubbings, and about the art and politics of opacity. “The difficulty I stage in my paintings, how hard they are to read and how you have to struggle to read them,” Ligon says, “is the struggle to understand anything about race or identity.”

Also in this issue

Yuwen Jiang talks to scholar Xuelei Huang about her recent book Scents of China, in which she traces the history and evolution of olfactory perception in the country – and the potential uses of smells as ideological tools or means of resistance. In columns, Deepa Bhasthi considers the politics of food in India, as Tamil film Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food (2023) generates heated national debates; Suraj Yengde finds representations of solidarity and political struggles in the paintings of Vikrant Bhise – from the Dalit people to Palestinians in Gaza; and Max Crosbie-Jones argues that the absence of Southeast Asian works on the global literary scene has to do with ecologies of translation practices.


Reviews of major art events and exhibitions from around the world including the first Taiwan Austronesian Indigenous Triennial, and the Thailand and Taipei biennials; as well as extensive previews of the shows to look out for this season, in Southeast Asia and beyond; fiction and theory book releases; and much more.

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