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Artichoke #84

Artichoke #84

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From the editor

After a decade living abroad, I’m humbled to sit in Cassie Hansen’s chair to support Australian interior design via my forthcoming issues. I might be new here, but it was instantly apparent I’ll have too much to cover in my alloted pages. This issue starts with interiors that positively impact users through empathetic design decisions. Inside the respectfully revived AGNSW library, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer offers the community richly textured spaces. While effortless to navigate, the design begs visitors to get lost in a good book – the lack of a phone cloakroom is the only oversight. Branch Studio’s welfare spaces at Marcellin College and Sibling Architecture’s work at Box Hill North Primary, though wildly different at first glance, both use colour and rhythm to support student wellbeing. In each project, the designers’ devotion to the cause is evident, as is the proof they’ve revelled in the task.

Elsewhere, iconic Australian retailers lure in customers with bold sensory- and experience-driven spaces. Clare Cousins Architects’ Aesop fitout in Melbourne’s “Paris end” entices with an aromatic armoire and a cathedral-like ceiling. Wowowa’s “safety” orange, cycling-inspired Crumpler interior loudly announces the brand’s renaissance without reinventing the wheel. For luggage trailblazer July, Ewert Leaf makes efficient yet playful use of a tight floorplan while recalling the golden age of travel. Each retail space testifies to the determination of a challenged sector – and reminds us that good design sells.

Dining out is back in, and thankfully, designers are taking their hedonistic responsibilities seriously. Genesin Studio’s tasty space for Adelaide’s Dolly gives the chef some competition with a multi-sensory material palette, while Rezen Studio revives a Freo institution with Vin Populi’s neo-homely atmosphere.

I hope you’ll enjoy the great design on these pages. They’ve been a joy to collate.

– Amy Woodroffe, Acting Editor, Artichoke

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