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Blau #10

Blau #10

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In these pages,  glamour becomes a metaphysical force as Pierre et Gilles meet Jarrett Earnest. The young Danish painter Oliver Bak confidently strolls out into the mystic. And, at the closing of her New York solo show, Vija Celmins talks to Andrew Winer, sharing her “lifelong conversation between endlessness and our particular pocket of time.” 

Sterling Ruby then gives us a peek under the covers of his colossal quilt collection. WangShui announces that, through AI, love will find a way. François Halard photographs the late painter Hans Hartung's studio, brought to vivid life by the words of Fabrice Hergott. The art-house sensibilities of Rogier van der Weyden become blockbuster material. Marie Chaix and Ola Rindal see double. And Peter Saul cracks wise with fellow painter Joe Bradley. 

Other highlights include: Joe Scotland of Studio Voltaire in conversation with Anthea Hamilton, Kaifan Wang, Jamian Juliano-Villani, the Dürer code, and a Naples reportage 
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