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Brutalist Paris

Brutalist Paris

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Our first book, Brutalist Paris, is now shipping. The book is the first thoroughly researched English-language book about brutalist architecture in and around Paris. Drawing on over five years of research, interviews and photography conducted by Robin Wilson and Nigel Green of Photolanguage, Brutalist Paris represents a substantial contribution to the study and exploration of brutalist architecture.


As featured in Wallpaper, World of Interiors and Design Boom.

Brutalist Paris has been printed by a UK-based B Corp-certified printer. It is printer on recycled quality paper and OTA-bound in the UK. In order to finance the high quality of printing, we raised funds from over 350 people on Kickstarter.

The book includes seven essays by Dr Robin Wilson, details for more than 50 individual buildings, maps and more than 150 black and white photographs by Dr Nigel Green. 

Dr Robin Wilson is a critic, curator and associate professor of history and theory at the Bartlett School of Architecture. He has published many reviews on art, architecture and landscape in the architectural press, and written extensively on representation and architecture in academic journals and books.

Dr Nigel Green is a photographer, artist and lecturer. He has exhibited and published many photographic projects that document genres of modernist architecture across the UK, Europe and the former Eastern Bloc.


Brutalist Paris is the first thoroughly researched, English language study of Parisian brutalist architecture. It constructs a unique photographic record of over 50 buildings across Paris and brings a new interpretation of brutalism in the French context. The book is the result of many journeys, from the Parisian centre to its outer peripheries, and situates brutalism within the broader social, political and cultural context of Paris, including its appearance in film and television. It describes brutalism’s successes and failures in Paris, from an architecture of monumental urban form to intricately crafted living spaces; from valued, historic monuments to abandoned ruins.

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