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Catflap 3

Catflap 3

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Smart Queer Writing with a Disco Heart. catflap is the new literary magazine from Outburst Arts, Belfast's premier queer arts festival. catflap is a design-led publication – envisioned by Other Office – and publishes writers at the precipice of their careers alongside those just setting off, from Abigail Thorn and Sarah Schulman to razor sharp poets and essayists like Bebe Ashley and Stephen Moloney: the unifying coordinate is the desire to challenge, to provoke and to think well. catflap is published once a year, and opens for submissions in May/June each year. catflap issue 3 features Lauren John Joseph, Bebe Ashley, Liliana Viola, Anna Loughran, Samson Furlong Tighe, Zara Meadows, Ian Macartney, Richard O'Leary, Marc Gregg, (DW) Dean Black, Laima Kreivyte, Charlie McIlwain, Adam James Martin and our resident agony aunt, Dear Hole.

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