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Cunning Folk - Vampire issue

Cunning Folk - Vampire issue

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Cunning Folk is an independent magazine covering magic, mythology, folklore and the occult.

To innovate, we have to imagine. This is something artists and scientists at the forefront of their respective fields have always understood—you don’t find new ideas only by re-visiting what is known, but by imagining new possibilities and setting foot into the unknown.

In this issue, we delve into the close links between the witch and the vampire, the Eastern European roots of this shadowy figure, and the universal fears of the returning dead and child-killing women from which this archetype grew. A central focus is very much interrogating our unconscious shadow selves. The edition features articles, fiction, poetry and recipes, including original short stories from Rowan Hisayo Buchanan and Romanian writer Liliana Carstea, poetry from CAConrad, an interview with Professor Ronald Hutton – alongside non-fiction from Faye Keegan, Nicolas Jubber, Professor Diane Purkiss and Dr Thomas Waters, among others. It is fully illustrated by Kaitlynn Copithorne with photography from Michael Vince Kim. 


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