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Do Agile

Do Agile

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Do Agile - Futureproof your mind. Stay grounded Tim Drake

In an uncertain world, it's easy to mentally inhabit a space that is both comfortable and familiar. Yet what if we've become stuck in our ways? Or stopped having an opinion that was truly our own? 

Do Agile is about resetting our minds and moving forward. Tim Drake shows us that to work effectively in any organisation – and in life in general, we require a mindset that is open, alert, engaged and positive. And importantly, aligned with our core principles. You will: 

Define your values as they change over time
Find out how 'giving back' leads to a positive mindset
Reignite a desire to learn
Retrain your mind to think more autonomously
Today's world requires a new type of toolkit. One that helps build mental resilience, a growth mindset, and a positive outlook. Once that's in place, you can do practically anything. 

This paperback purchase includes a free ebook download. 
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