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Electronic Sound #99 (Magazine & 7" vinyl)

Electronic Sound #99 (Magazine & 7" vinyl)

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This month's Electronic Sound cover stars are Ladytron and we have an exclusive orange vinyl seven-inch featuring two previously unreleased tracks by the Liverpool synthpop outfit to accompany the issue.

Ladytron have embraced the aesthetic of the future since their earliest days, albeit through a retro lens. The band's moody, icy, noir-ish sound has drawn comparisons with a range of classic synth artists, many of them from the post-punk days, but they have always carved out their own path. Their new album, 'Time's Arrow', an awesome collection of 21st century electropop, is a case in point. Brian Eno has been a fan for many years, once describing them as “the best of English pop music”, while writer Stephen Dalton calls them “cyborgs from another dimension” in our in-depth cover story. And if Eno is digging them, we reckon you should be too. 

As well as Ladytron, we also have acclaimed Edinburgh trio Young Fathers talking about their 'Heavy Heavy' album, Hifi Sean & David McAlmont discussing their 'Happy Ending' collaboration, and modular maestro Ian Boddy on next month's 'Tone Science Live' event. Sailing out into international waters, our other interviews include French sonic adventurer M83, Swedish outfit Death And Vanilla, and Russian producer Kate NV, who left Moscow at the begininng of the Ukraine War and is currently in Belgrade, uncertain if she'll ever get back home again. Plus Mary Anne Hobbs, Trans-X, James HoldenCraig Armstrong and a whole lot more besides.  

We're bundling this month's magazine with an exclusive orange vinyl seven-inch featuring two previously unreleased Ladytron tracks. The A-side of the record is a gently throbbing and totally glorious instrumental version of 'Die Moritat Von Mackie Messer', aka 'Mack The Knife', which the band's fans will recognise as the introduction music for their live shows. Turn the disc over for a magnificent remix of 'City Of Angels', the first single from the new Ladytron album, 'Time's Arrow', with Blakkat at the controls. Blakkat is Mark Bell, formerly of M People, whose long list of remix credits includes New Order, Marshall Jefferson, Josh Wink and A Tribe Called Quest.  

As with all of our music releases, this record is strictly limited and only available to readers of Electronic Sound, so be sure you get your copy straight away.

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