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Fare #10 Kyoto

Fare #10 Kyoto

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  • Dive into the history of kaiseki cuisine in a centuries-old, three Michelin star tea house

  • Visit the workshop of a fourth-generation lacquer maker and activist who applies ancient techniques to wooden skateboards and bikes

  • Taste handcrafted jōgashi sweets inspired by changing seasons and the city's imperial past

  • Meet Yoshihiro Imai, whose wood-fired kitchen centres around the Japanese concept of shime and comfort eating

  • Take a look inside daily life at the student-run Yoshida ryo, the oldest wooden dormitory in Japan


~200 pages of full-colour photographs, illustrations, original articles, interviews and essays

170mm x 240 mm, lithographically printed on Munken Print White and Amadeus Silk stock; perfect bound

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