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French Fries #9

French Fries #9

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French Fries Magazine is an independent (and not only) fashion magazine published and distributed internationally, founded by Ally Ferraro and Guilherme Ferrari, with Sarah Muller and Margherita Pincioni. With eyes on cinema (from David Lynch to Bernardo Bertolucci), loving what is generated on the border between reality and fiction, with a great predilection for pure creativity and free from any conformism... The name, born almost by chance, reflects the desire to create a free magazine, completely outside the box, capable of interpreting the demands of the contemporary, ranging lightly from fashion to art. “When we started with the idea of creating our own magazine, we were looking for a name that could express our creativity, our ideas, our message of non-conformism”, the founders explain. “We had in mind something capable to provoke the world of luxury with a touch of snobbery. Almost and without realizing it, for fun, we said to ourselves ‘let’s french fries!’ We needed 2, 3 seconds to know it was perfect!” From there to the genesis of the magazine it was a short step. “We made our first posts in Milan and through an exclusive collaboration with Fiorucci in London. Then we started to contact photographers and creatives inviting them to send their projects, always looking for fascinating stories centered on contemporary ideas. We realized we had really taken off when Petite Meller replied from her Instagram account that she was happy to give an interview and that she would have been very delighted to be on the cover of the first paper edition. The singer was the first artist who believed in French Fries Magazine. After her, more and more characters began to get on board!”

Published biannually, French Fries Magazine is collaborating directly with the artists, featuring groundbreaking work from disruptors, trendsetters, performers and creators that are challenging our visions. Telling authentic stories with passion at all levels, the more absurd the result, the more true the intentions are.

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