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Get Familiar #5

Get Familiar #5

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“Get Familiar is a beautifully designed magazine that explores how hip-hop intersects with culture, politics and society at large.

Thematically, issue #05 of the magazine (published with four absolutely stunning covers) celebrates hip-hop’s 50-year anniversary by focusing on two questions: (1) ‘what happens to BIPOC creative voices when they interact with (predominantly) white institutions?’ and (2) ‘what, if anything, can hip-hop learn from the institutionalization of jazz?’

In conversation with the likes of EZRA COLLECTIVE, THUNDERCAT, LOYLE CARNER, RADHA BLANK, CAMILLA GEORGE, and JOAN MORGAN, the types of questions being asked are: why Fela Kuti isn’t included in the jazz-curriculum of the very conservatory that he was a student at, why poetry, spoken-word, and rap are considered to be different modes of creativity, as well as what the institutionalization of BIPOC voices look like in the world of theatre, cinema, and academia.

A salways, the interviews are edited in a way that doesn’t require the reader to be a fan of the music.”

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