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IDLES x Magda Archer Brutalism

IDLES x Magda Archer Brutalism

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A striking and thought-provoking book collaboration between IDLES frontman Joe Talbot and artist Magda Archer, containing all the lyrics from IDLES’ first album Brutalism alongside provocative artwork by Archer.


"I want to move into a Bovis home and make a list of everything I own. And ride into the amber setting sun, marching to the beat of someone’s drum. I’m done" —IDLES, "Heel/Heal"

In this celebration and reinterpretation of IDLES' critically acclaimed first album, Brutalism (2017), Magda Archer’s artwork enters a joyful and liberating shouting match with Joe Talbot’s lyrics to create an explosive, emotive, comedically sardonic, and inspiring collaboration between two like-minded artists.

Typographic layouts inspired by the style of concrete poetry create a visual conversation between lyrics and illustrations on the page. IDLES' first-ever book marks a new and exciting form of creative collaboration for the band. Breathing a different kind of life into Talbot’s fiery lyricism—with expressive typography, hot-pink ink, and Archer’s unique artworks—IDLES x Magda Archer Brutalism shows that a book can be a work of art in itself.

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