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Lemon #20

Lemon #20

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Welcome to Lemon Magazine No. 20 - The Winter Edition

  • Dive into a season of wonder with Lemon Magazine's Winter Edition, where the chill of winter sparks a blaze of style and stories.


  • Embrace Winter Fashion: Enter a world where cold weather ignites the hottest fashion trends. Where freezing weather meets hot styles and icy coolness.


  • Follow Jessica Buchanan's remarkable transformation from celebrity model to dedicated mother and her new start in Indonesia.


  • Discover the inspiring story of Sandra and Neeka Lowe as they embark on a journey of self-exploration and creativity. From the snowy expanses of Canada to the vibrant beat of Los Angeles, this story takes you on an uplifting adventure of self-discovery.


  • Take a deep dive into the complex world of adolescent mental health as we explore effective strategies for promoting their well-being.


  • Guide your teen through the complexities of social media with insights from Navigate Parenting in the Digital Age. Learn how to strike a balance between digital influences and real-world values.


  • See how teenage influencers are revolutionising fashion and inspiring their peers with bold and unique style statements.


  • Discover beauty secrets that work for both adventurous teens and their experienced mums, and learn how to adapt to changing beauty trends together.


  • The Italian Adventure for Families: Immerse yourself in Italy's magnificent blend of historic charm and contemporary appeal, perfect for families with teenagers eager to explore and learn.


  • This Winter issue of Lemon Magazine celebrates the diversity of life, fashion and the journeys that shape our experiences. Step into our winter wonderland of stories where every page unfolds a new adventure, a new insight, a new inspiration. Join us on this exciting journey!

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