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Monarchy - Melissa Price

Monarchy - Melissa Price

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Monarchy book 2023
A 16 page book presenting simple facts about the English kings and queens, from William the Conqueror to the soon to be crowned King Charles III.

Each page of the book features a simple colour-coded list of all the monarchs’ names, with a key to the colours allowing quick reference of various facts, such as the number of children each monarch had, the family they belonged to and how the monarchs met their grisly, or not so grisly, ends.

The content was inspired by a children's plastic ruler which had the English kings and queens listed on it as an aide memoir for history students. I loved the simplicity of the list of names, and, having been awful at history at school, I wanted to explore a graphic method for expressing a range of facts about the monarchs to act as prompts to help remember some of the major historical events.

Love them or loathe them, the history of the royal family is colourful and dramatic, with murders, multiple marriages and many children, this book is an attempt to summarise 950 years of history in 16 pages.

I originally produced the book as a very short run hand-screenprinted book in 2011, but the succession of Charles to the throne after the Queen’s death last September meant revisiting it this year was difficult to resist.

The 16 page book is litho-printed in 5 colours including gold, silver and two fluorescents, bound with a white saddle stitch. Printed by Pureprint on Munken Polar Rough 150gsm, size 116 x 380mm. Limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies.
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