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Odda #26

Odda #26

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ODDA launches No. 26 “The Growth Journey” Spring/Summer 2024, an issue dedicated to the word “Travel” and what it means in every form. From locations to the process of being transported back to memories, the new issue celebrates our ability to move freely and discover.

The new issue comprises three individual covers intertwined within art, fashion, film and music culture.

“The Growth Journey” explores the world and dives into some of the most fascinating natural wonders and creative histories. Let the city nights of Hollywood lead you into some of the oldest cinemas of this age and stop for a moment in LA with Loewe. Joined by AI Artist RICKDICK, witness some of the most iconic Loewe accessories recreated and manipulated into what we might desire. While there, take a ride at Luna Luna, the world’s first art amusement park. Under the Mexican sun, discover heritage, culture and growth with Louis Vuitton menswear and Thatcher Thornton. From there, we fly to winter London for a visit to the world famous botanical landscape of Kew Gardens and their over 16000 species of flora and fauna. Crossing channels, a quick journey across to Amsterdam to discover the two lives of the city with Loro Piana and Pure Boats, before a detour into Paris. In the heart of the French capital, let the nodes of Miss Dior parfum lead you into jasmine filled nights in Provence. Escaping Europe and heading east, Japan opens its innovative arms. From the Trading Museum to the BLACK and GIRL collections, COMME des GARÇONS unveils both its history and capacity. Shifting focus to the global, chart through the past and present of Lonely Planet–the original and much loved travel publishing company.

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