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Portraits of the King - Bob Marley by Dennis Morris

Portraits of the King - Bob Marley by Dennis Morris

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BOB MARLEY (1945-1981), reggae god. A genuine superstar whose name is known by all, and whose importance will be increasingly recognised in 2024 when his first biopic is due to be released worldwide.


Young photographer Dennis Morris, whose talent was recognized and then welcomed as part of his family by Bob Marley, followed THE WAILERS closely from their first UK tour ("Catch a Fire Tour" 1973) and took many masterful photographs. The portraits of Bob Marley by Dennis Morris are the result of their friendship, and you're sure to have seen at least one or two of them somewhere before.

This book, PORTRAITS OF THE KING, is made up of 50 of Dennis's exceptional photographs, episode texts, and graphic art by 9T, the book's designer. The book features rare moments that only Dennis Morris could have captured, such as Bob's genuine smile, his quiet, pensive appearance, and his famous depiction of Bob smoking a large joint with an imposing air of dignity.

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