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Positive News #117

Positive News #117

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Cover story: The punk optimist

“We need to let hope out of the box” says Chris Packham. The veteran wildlife broadcaster, author and campaigner speaks to us about unleashing the power of young people to protect the planet, why he’s an angry – yet hopeful – old man, and why you shouldn’t call him the next David Attenborough.

Other features include: Behind the menu at the world’s first zero-waste restaurant • The inner development goals • Graphic rewilding • Teaching young people to navigate the media • For the love of libraries • Life after sexual assault • The sports stars speaking out on the climate • Anna Whitehouse’s life lessonsCover story: The joy of secondhand – why preloved fashion is booming

Casting off its fusty, dusty reputation, secondhand fashion is experiencing a renaissance. We ask five people with a passion for preloved why buying old is the new new.

Other features include: How UK nightlife venues are diversifying for survival • The women who are reclaiming ageing • Supercommunicators • Nigeria’s first climate cafe • For the love of breakdancing • Life after leaving a cult • How to shrink your digital footprint • Isabella Tree’s life lessons
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