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PRE-ORDER Fare #15 Naples

PRE-ORDER Fare #15 Naples

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In the shadow of Vesuvius, Naples hums with life. From the shores to the streets, a sensory feast unfolds where layers of history and culture are proudly served up – one plate at a time.

  • Step into the seaside kitchen of Michelin-starred chef Marianna Vitale to make a frittata de maccheroni, her most beloved childhood dish.

  • Venture out into the green hills of Campania to see mozzarella di bufala made fresh by hand at Il Casolare dairy.

  • Visit Atelier Inès, the family villa of late Neapolitan sculptor Annibale Oste, which Vincenzo Oste and his partner Inès Sellami have transformed into an artist’s workshop and boutique hotel.

  • Explore the rich past of Neapolitan theatre, from the opulent Teatro San Carlo to the small playhouses across the city and the theatrics that make their way into everyday interactions.

  • Lunch at Osteria Donna Teresa, where one family has been serving up classic homestyle dishes – pasta e fagioli, pasta e patate, genovese, ragù – for over a hundred years.

  • Kayak along the coast of Posillipo, where picturesque villas and secret coves hold stories of misdeeds and misfortune

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