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Sandwich #8

Sandwich #8

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I first came across Sandwich Magazine when I picked up the BBQ Brisket issue a couple of years ago. I was struck by this fresh take of a food magazine, using a humble sandwich as a lens for culture. Ever since, my team and I have kept in contact with them, looking for the right opportunity for us to work together. 

“This is the first time I’ve Idiot Sandwiched myself in print! Things got very messy indeed.”

When my new show Idiot Sandwich got the green light (which you can watch on my YouTube channel from 17th January), it was a no-brainer that we should collaborate. They said I could take the reins as guest editor on one condition: I smash a beautiful deli sandwich, dripping with mustard into my face for the cover feature…

“Deal!” I said, and this is the first time I’ve Idiot Sandwiched myself in print! Things got very messy indeed.

Welcome to the Chef’s Special Issue — we’ve got some brilliant features on the menu for your eyes to digest. I asked some of the most exciting names in food to tell me the sandwiches they make when they get a break in service — they’re the best sandwiches that money can’t buy; we profile the wonderful Philadelphia store Honeysuckle Provisions; award-winning baker David Wright goes deep into what actually makes a sandwich; we speak to private chef Olivia Tiedemann, who’s taking Instagram and TikTok by storm with her cooking videos (and incredible music taste) in one of her first-ever interviews; and much, much more.

Bon appétit!  

Gordon Ramsay

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