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Tank #Summer 2024

Tank #Summer 2024

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For this year’s summer books issue, we’re baring all. Ranging across terrain from contemporary novels to romantic fiction to poetry to art books, this issue looks at writing in its most essential form. 

This summer, Claudia Steinberg speaks to Waanyi Nation author Alexis Wright on the slow drumbeat writing that sounds like a drum. We publish new poetry from Gboyega Odubanjo and ask poets: What’s a poem, anyway? Lydia Davis muses on five unusual words, Keith Ridgway presents the mind of an ex-priest in south London, and the TANK team send back a multi-part dispatch from the Venice Biennale. Dan Sinykin explains how industry conglomeration works on the written word, Jonathan Nunn takes us on a tour of London via his collection of books on food, and Charles Asprey lets us in to his art book world. 

The TANK Team report from the 2024 Venice Biennale, we consider the art of the dollhouse and are treated to a tour of collector Charles Asprey’s art book collection. We analyse a new thread of romanticism in the bloomer-heavy collections of new designers and in Manchester, Chanel returns to its textile origins. Loro Piana takes a hike, Magliano takes over the world from Bologna, and Kazna Asker meets Hamid Zénati in the middle.

Plus, we publish interviews with Parul Sehgal on what one owes the book, Goth Shakira on astrological trend forecasting and digital strategising, Andrew Cranston on painting on book covers and much, much more.

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