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Tonic #5

Tonic #5

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Giving “Bancer” the cold shoulder.

After an emotionally draining year which saw co-founder Benita, battle and beat metastatic breast cancer, Tonic is back with Volume 5.⁠


Photographer Matt Kelly is the one responsible for Tonic's cover image. Matt has a photo feature inside as well which showcases the unsung hero of our favourite drinks - ice.⁠⁠

Anthony Gladman chases down British botanicals deep in the wilds of Northumberland. Phil Mellows and Tim Bird go hunting brews in unexpected places. Phil is in the urban jungle, and Tim has a proper Arctic pint. Kate Wickers basks in the Spanish summer sun while waxing lyrical about Sangria. Nori Jemil tiptoes through the Dutch Tulips while sampling a new way to use them. Jacopo Mazzeo gets into the complex history of rum. Isabel Conway is in the Swiss valleys to try absinthe. Tristan Rutherford tries a bottle or two of Croatian wine. Ian Packham goes to Saint Helena for the last orders of the Jamestown Mule and Jeremy Flint takes us to remote Romania to discover Palincă.

Finally, Susan Schwartz goes back in time to test 19th-century hangover cures and shows us Brits what Tea Time looks like in Charleston, South Carolina

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