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Uppercase #60

Uppercase #60

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Dear Reader,

I wanted a joyful, exuberant theme for this 60th issue of UPPERCASE magazine. And so, this multicolour issue is a celebration of colour. Lots of it! Colours clashing, contrasting and coordinating. Palettes made of pigment and paint. Colour schemes discovered in found objects, cultivated in the environment and mixed from our imagination.

As designers, artists and crafters, colour often plays a central role in our work. It provides inspiration and energy. It sets the mood. It piques our curiosity. It’s both deeply personal and universal. UPPERCASE readers share their favourite palettes and examples of how more is definitely more when it comes to making art!

Nearly 15 years ago, I had an inkling of an idea as I searched for a way to express myself as a designer, curator and writer. This magazine has grown into my life’s work as well as a vibrant, generous community of kindred spirits near and far. 

I am grateful for your support over the years. And if you’re not a print subscriber yet, please join us—subscribing is the very best way to ensure that there will be many more colourful issues to come.

Janine Vangool

publisher / editor / designer

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