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Wallpaper #298

Wallpaper #298

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Welcome to our Entertaining issue. It can feel frivolous and indulgent to talk of entertaining at a time such as this. However, the abiding message of bringing people together with love, warmth and generosity is something that we can hold on to, while still sharing our thoughts and wishes for a peaceful resolution to current events in the world.

I was reminded of this dichotomy on a recent trip to Rome, firstly with a magical dinner with friends at Villa d’Este, a Unesco World Heritage Site in Tivoli. The overwhelming outtake of the evening was of love and generosity, of bringing people together, of making time for each other, and creating unforgettable memories in the process.

The next morning I was privileged to be given an exclusive preview of the Don McCullin retrospective at Palazzo Esposizioni Roma, with the great man himself, as well as curator Simon Baker, and the Palazzo’s president, Marco Delogu. Sir Don McCullin is one of the most important photographers of the 20th century, and the show covers key themes of his work: Early Work in London and Berlin; Documentary Practice in the UK; International Documentary and Travel; British Landscapes and Still Life; and the Roman Empire.As we enter 2024, I am delighted to present our Next Generation issue, showcasing our pick of the emerging creatives that are shaping the future. We feature up-and-coming talents throughout the year, but this special issue provides the platform to shine a spotlight on the new faces that are shaping tomorrow’s landscape.

For our annual Future Icons feature, we have selected 11 designers who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and who are embracing new ways of working and collaborating, experimenting with materials, and playing with traditional design codes to create more abstract forms of furniture and lighting design.

Highlights include Rio Kobayashi, who uses traditional woodwork techniques alongside his multicultural heritage to create unexpected and joyful pieces through collaboration and intervention; Giles Nartey, whose research-based practice aims to translate African rituals into bold design objects; and Jialun Xiong, who is inspired by architecture and the conversation between simplicity of shape and complexity of fabrication.

We also showcase stars of the future in fashion, all emerging designers that are defining the moment, with a certain handmade element. There are twisted, woven garments from Feben; tassel-adorned gowns from Nicklas Skovgaard; gently subverted tailoring from Torishéju; and crystal and floral adornments from Meryll Rogge.

From California, we present ten emerging practices that are pushing the boundaries of architecture with their unique creative explorations. Meanwhile, we have also curated some of the most exciting talents in photography, to be exhibited at London’s 10 14 Gallery, on show from 8 December until 26 January.

For our covers and main Space story, we invited one of the most innovative spatial designers in the industry, Matthew Morris, to compile his selection of the best of the contemporary and the classic in a shoot featuring Zieta’s ‘Rondo Helix Nebula’ mirror, Toni Grilo’s ‘Leaf’ lounge chair for Riluc (which graces our limited-edition cover), and Linde Freya Tangelder’s exquisite ‘Soft Corners’ table for Cassina.

I encourage everyone to explore these works and to continue to be inspired by the
power of creativity. Enjoy the issue and Happy New Year!

Sarah Douglas
Editor-in-ChiefWelcome to the 20th edition of the Wallpaper* Design Awards, our annual celebration of the very best in design over the previous 12 months. What exactly does ‘best’ mean for us? At Wallpaper*, every issue focuses on the cream of the crop, so selecting the best of the best is the subject of much debate. As a result, these awards invariably take on a more personal approach, as we aim to highlight the more unique and unexpected objects and experiences that make our material lives more meaningful.

Wallpaper* Design Awards 2024
As always, these awards are carefully selected by the Wallpaper* team, alongside our extended family of contributors, writers and curators from around the world. This colossal exercise in searching out the stuff that inspires us has given us something for everyone, from toys for playful pooches, musical brooches and luscious lipsticks to fast cars, slow scalp treatments, cardboard chairs and Brazilian brutalism. To top things off, we are truly honoured that the wonderful Barbara Kruger has provided this month’s limited-edition cover ahead of her exhibition at London’s Serpentine Gallery.

There’s much to look forward to, from Hauser & Wirth’s new Parisian outpost to the Four Seasons Tamarindo in Mexico, the top spot to experience April’s solar eclipse. Kvadrat’s new recycled fabric, Lynda Benglis’ exquisite new jewellery for Loewe, and Yip Studio’s edible sculptures illustrate the eccentricity, eclecticism and innovation we continue to delight in. We award Seoul with Best City – just like our pages, it’s brimming with creative energy, projects and people – and we close the issue with a 24-page showcase of the standout looks of the S/S 2024 collections.

See the February print issue to discover exactly what you need to shine bright, walk tall, stay fit and keep time, all the while spinning your favourite sounds on Transparent’s magical new turntable. It’s always a privilege to welcome such excellent artists, brands and designers to our pages and to bring you this broad spectrum of brilliance from around the globe. I hope you enjoy the issue!

Sarah Douglas

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