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The Preserve Journal #5

The Preserve Journal #5

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Issue no 5 of The Preserve Journal.


Contents — Issue no 5

Editor’s note
Meg Yarcia

The real Good Life: Building a community farm in North London
Text by Imogen Smith, photos by Harry Mitchell

Food in a changing climate
Text by Alana Mann, illustrations by Marie Døssing

Our pomegranate predicament
Text by Jocette Lee, photos by Madeleine Kobold

Wines of change: The conscientious drinker
Text by Dominic Ashby, photos by Willy Pleasance

Agroforest: Agriculture + forests
Text by Lis Cereja, photos by Milena Edelstein

Learning the agroforestry way: The Southern Lights food forest project in Greece
Text by Sheila Darmos, photos by Spyros Vrettakos & The Southern Lights

Perspectives from Nigeria: Advancing the eco-feminist theory in agriculture
Text by Adenike Oladosu, illustration by Katherine Shapiro

The mysterious life of fungi
Text and illustrations by Ane Brødsgaard

Immigrant Locals: A Cambodian-American cooks in Minnesota
Text by Kristofer Coffman, illustration by Marie Døssing

In conversation with Gemma Lane:
How the fight for high food standards is the fight for social justice
Text by Will Dorman, photos by Marta Karcz

“I’m tired of watching our town die”
Text by Mark Winne, illustrations by Joana Galo Costa

The chatter of wasps: Reflections on ecosystem services
Text by Jesse Donham, illustrations by Traci Page

Text, photos, and illustrations by Jaya Modi & Barney Pau Jury Morgan

Fish sustainability: Brass tacks and basics
Text and illustrations by Gilbert Randolph

Musings on sustainability, circularity, and putting people at the centre
Text by Anusha Murthy and Elizabeth Yorke

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