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Wire #479/480

Wire #479/480

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For this month’s cover story, Rob Turner meets the enduring avant metal supergroup, featuring members of Sunn O))), OLD, Burning Witch and Blind Idiot God, to discuss their latest album, this year’s To Be Cruel, as well as a clutch of career spanning reissues due for imminent release, and a proposed return to the live arena after a 19 year hiatus.

Agitation Free

Daniel Spicer talks to the kosmische survivors who are returning to the fray with their forthcoming album Momentum ending almost 25 years of studio silence.

Beam Splitter

The duo of vocalist Audrey Chen and trombonist Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø have honed their take on EAI with numerous live performances, multiple collaborations, and full length releases on Corvo and Tripticks Tapes. Julian Cowley interviews them from their base in Berlin.

Invisible Jukebox: Dali De Saint Paul

The Bristol based vocalist, improvisor and scene lynchpin enters ours mystery listening booth. Tested by Phil England.

Those are the main features we have lined up. The regular sections are coming together and include an Unlimited Editions column on China’s Bie Music, an Unofficial Channels entry on The Roulette Tapes, and a Global Ear from Berlin’s Deathfest. Plus we will have one page profiles of Galya Bisengalieva, Mpho Molikeng, Eve Stainton and Violent Magic Orchestra.

And onto the reviews sections...

Soundcheck will cover new albums, singles and downloads from Abstract Concrete, Agitation Free, Al Karpenter, Angharad Davies & Phil Julian, Anthony Pateras & Stephen O'Malley, Ash Ra Tempel, Christoph de Babalon, Derek Bailey & Paul Motian, DJ Manny, DJ Muggs & Dean Hurley, Earth, Erlend Apneseth with Maja SK Ratkje, François J Bonnet & Stephen O'Malley, Fred Anderson Quartet, Fruit LoOops, Galya Bisengalieva, Helmet, Idea Fire Company, Ingrid Laubrock, Islaja, Khanate, La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela, Maja Ratkje & Nordic Affect, Maria Chavez & Sandy Ewen, Masayuki Takayanagi, Matthew Shipp, Mendoza Hoff Revels, Meshuggah, Penny Rimbaud, Position Normal, Razen, Rudimentary Peni, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sarah Davachi, Shackleton & Heather Leigh, Shackleton & Zimpel, Silver Apples & Kawabata Makoto, Space Afrika & Rainy Miller, Steve Lehman, Steve Noble, Susan Alcorn, Ted Daniel with Energy, Valerio Tricoli, Wally Badarou, War, and Zubin Kanga, and not forgetting our specialist Columns by Byron Coley, Steve Barker and others.

Print Run will cover new music books including Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin): A Memoir by Sly Stone, Subcontinental Synthesis: Electronic Music At The National Institute Of Design, India 1969–1972 Edited by Paul Purgas, The Life And Music Of Gérard Grisey: Delirium And Form by Jeffrey Arlo Brown, Serialism, Spectralism And Écriture In The Transitional Music Of Gérard Grisey by Liam Cagney, Transforming Moments by Richard Barrett, KLEENEX / LILIPUT by Marlene Marder, and At The Vanguard Of Vinyl: A Cultural History Of The Long-Playing Record In Jazz by Darren Mueller.

On Screen will review new films including History Of The Present and Midori Takada: Japan On Film.

On Site will review recent exhibitions and installations including Din in London, and Johanna Billing in London

On Location will report on recent festivals and shows including WOS Festival in Santiago de Compostela, Seanaps Festival in Leipzig, M³ Festival in New York, Sonica Surge Festival in Glasgow, Ogun & Cadillac Records – 50th Birthday Celebration in London, Another Sky Festival in London, Sir Richard Bishop in Edinburgh, Out.Fest in Barreiro, and Unsound in Krakow.

And Out There will preview the month’s most significant forthcoming festivals, gigs, events, talks, exhibitions, screenings and more.The Wire 479/480
January/February 2024
Special bumper double issue

On the cover: 2023 Rewind, The Wire’s essential guide to the last 12 months in underground sound and music, from the annual releases of the year charts to our critics' reflections and analyses of 2023’s key trends and topics.

Inside the magazine: interviews with Fred Frith, Laetitia Sadier, Thomas Ignatius, Lisa Ullén, HUUUM, Phil Geraldi; Linton Kwesi Johnson’s Invisible Jukebox; Global Ear: Chicago; Unlimited Editions: Bead Records; Unofficial Channels: Lanner Chronicle; The Inner Sleeve: Vince Clarke; Epiphanies: Mariam Rezaei; and 40 pages of reviews including Myra Melford, Valentina Magaletti, Archie Shepp, Val Wilmer, Ain Bailey, and more.

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