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Wire #484

Wire #484

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The Wire 484
June 2024

Shellac, Arnold Dreyblatt, Robyn’s Rocket, Zoh Amba, Normil Hawaiians, Kalia Vandever, Antti Vauhkonen, Marion Cousin, Invisible Jukebox: Iceboy Violet, The Inner Sleeve: Kai Fagaschinski on The Jimmy Giuffre 3, Global Ear: Berlin choir A Song For You, Unlimited Editions: Ipecac, Unofficial Channels: Music Republic & Moroccan Tape Stash, Epiphanies: Tashi Wada on tuning systems, plus 40 pages of reviews including Tony Conrad & Jennifer Walshe, FUNK.BR: São Paulo, Christer Bothén featuring Bolon Bata, Somerset House Studios’ Assembly, and much more


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