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Wire #486

Wire #486

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The Wire 485
July 2024 

On the cover: Tomeka Reid. Inside: KMRU, Gordan, Bodies in Motion: Malik Nashad Sharpe + NWAKKE + Bianca Scout, Tongue In The Mind, Nick Dunston, Nika Son, Henry Birdsey, Sisso & Maiko, Invisible Jukebox: Karl Bartos, Global Ear: Belgrade, Unlimited Editions: Notice Recordings, Unofficial Channels: A Moon Age Daydream, The Inner Sleeve: Alison Cotton on John Cale & Terry Riley’s Church Of Anthrax, Epiphanies: Jim Staley + 40 pages of reviews including Sun Ra, Chris Corsano, Skin Graft label, Nilotpal Das, Winter, Elton Dean, Cecil Taylor, Eno, Kim Gordon, Jeff Mills, Charles Curtis and specialist columnists including Steve Barker and Byron Coley + charts, letters, listings, and more.
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