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Lower Block - This is Anfield

Lower Block - This is Anfield

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This is Anfield is a photographic documentary by photographer Alex Amorós on the area of Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club.


The limited edition A5 zine contains 25 colour photographs, across 22 pages.

This is Anfield is a statement that strikes fear into the hearts of seasoned internationals.

The famous sign, first introduced by the great Bill Shankly, that warns players as they exit the tunnel may read ‘This is Anfield’ But what exactly is Anfield?

Anfield is a community steeped in history. It is a working class, tight knit area that is a world away from the glitz of Premier League football.

But from the pubs such as the famous ‘Sandon’, where it all began for Liverpool FC in 1892, to the graffiti murals of their most legendary players, it is uniquely distinctive and full of pride and togetherness.

“I wanted to show the reality of the Anfield neighbourhood. Football is related to society and communities, peoples feelings and their integration. Football is not just boxes and business. Liverpool is a city where football is in its streets, and it was the streets closest to the ground that I wanted focus on.”

Alex Amorós photographs capture what the surrounding area of Anfield looks like and how those communities integrate around the stadium.
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