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Lifeguard Towers: Miami

Lifeguard Towers: Miami

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After the destruction of Hurricane Andrew on Miami Beach in 1992, the lifeguard towers were commissioned to be redesigned in vibrant fashion to uplift the spirits of the town.

In the tradition of the Becher's water tower series, this book of Tommy Kwak's photographs methodically examines the 30+ iconic towers that have become symbols of South Florida's revitalization. This award-winning series of photographs utilizes similar framing and long exposures to produce minimal sky and sea backdrops in order to highlight the traits of each tower, inviting the reader to appreciate and compare the electric color palettes and eccentric forms.

This body of work shows Tommy's distinct approach recognizable by the composition of the pictures, sophisticated usage of the angles, and manipulation of light, shadow, and colors. Tommy's style of photography celebrates a kind of ephemeral beauty, and at the same time transforms these entities into more graphic forms, bringing a fresh perspective on the lifeguard towers of Miami Beach.

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