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Lower Block - Long Live The Boleyn

Lower Block - Long Live The Boleyn

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Long Live The Boleyn is a photographic documentary by photographer Taff Manton focusing on the supporters of West Ham United as the club controversially moved away from The Boleyn Ground in Upton Park, to The London Stadium in Stratford.

The limited edition A5 zine contains 30 black and white photographs printed across 24 pages.

“It used to be pocket money and travelling up with your 14 year old mates. Now it’s booking three weeks in advance and taking out a bank loan, with the smell of onions swapped for popcorn.”

West Ham supporter, Manton followed fellow Hammers’ fans for several years as the club vacated the area they had called home since 1904, moving to the 66,000 seater former Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

The controversial relocation to the former Olympic Stadium was met with resistance and resentment from much of the clubs core fan base. Supporters marched and protested against the board, fiercely demonstrating the passion they had for their spiritual home of 112 years.

Manton has seen the changes in football through the decades: the grounds have grown producing stadiums too big to generate an atmosphere week in week out. The prices have rocketed too.

“Stadiums are too big for an atmosphere, made for special occasions but played in for every game.”

Manton’s black and white photographs capture the sentiment of match day life in East London, from Upton Park to Stratford.

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