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Magazine B

Magazine B

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Founded in November 2011, B is a brand documentary magazine that dives deep into one brand in every issue. The magazine talks about what a good brand looks like in a busy world overflowing with branded products, and it focuses on the lasting values of each brand instead of tracking trends.

B selects “well-balanced brands” from all over the world based on four standards: aesthetic, practicality, accessible price point, and brand philosophy. By focusing on the philosophy and function of a brand and the aesthetic and brand experience on the consumer side, readers have started curating B in their collections. A magazine in form, each publication is bound like a book so there are no back issues; earlier issues and recent issues are distributed and sold concurrently.

B is the first Korean periodical to be translated into English and grow a global readership in 40 countries. Aesthetic-conscious readers—from young planners, designers, and startup creatives to marketing personnel and directors of global brands—enthusiastically support the pursuits of the publication.

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