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LOWER BLOCK Wembley 1990-03 - Tony Davis

LOWER BLOCK Wembley 1990-03 - Tony Davis

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Wembley 1990-03 is a series of photographs by Tony Davis on the final chapter of the old Wembley stadium.

The limited edition A5 zine contains 30 colour and black and white photographs across 40 pages.

In the world of football, there can be few more iconic images than the twin towers of the old Wembley.

Flattened in 2003, they remain forever ingrained in the mind’s eye of football lovers across the globe.

Their demolition slammed shut a chapter in the history of English football that stretched back to Wembley’s first ever FA Cup Final in 1923.

There followed 80 years of football rich with memorable moments, and the last 10 years of those presented plenty of opportunities for Tony Davis to compile his own tribute to the grand old national ground.

Over the years Davis has compiled a deep archive of pictures that capture British football culture in the 80s, 90s, and 00s as well has being well known for his rave photography, work with British Culture Archive and Café Royal Books.

This series includes photographs from FA Cup finals, a European Cup final, the Playoffs and of course, Euro 96.

“Euro 96 was huge for the nation… England had done so well at Italia 90, recapturing the support of fans, and then disastrously not qualifying for USA 94. Euro 96 really became when the whole country fell in love with football again. Despite only making the semi-finals, it was Euro 96 at Wembley when football really did come home.” Tony Davis

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